Skin Care Advice

Skin Care Advice

Whilst it is beneficial to gain a certain degree of exposure to the sun, in order to maintain a healthy body it is essential that you do not overexpose yourself on a regular basis. As such, when enjoying time outdoors in your garden, please ensure you take into account the following information



Apply Sun Cream

Applying sun cream will help prolong the time you can spend in direct sunlight without running the risk of becoming burnt. Always apply in a liberal manner around 20 minutes before becoming exposed then apply more cream every couple of hours if you wish to stay protected. 


Restrict the Amount of Time You Spend in Direct Sunlight

Between the hours of 10am to 4pm, it is advisable to stay out of the sun as much as possible as this is the time of day where the biggest chance of burning will occur. Should this not be possible, then it is essential that sun cream is applied and appropriate clothing is worn so as to limit the amount of skin exposed.



Check the Weather Reports

With modern forecasts becoming more and more accurate, there is no reason to leave yourself exposed. Check to see the conditions of the day and you can tailor your activities to suit.