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Schools & Nurseries


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Staying Safe in the Sun

In order to protect young children from the risks of becoming over exposed to the sun, it is essential that adequate levels of shade are provided so they can spend prolonged periods of time outdoors during the hotter summer months.


Reduce the Risk of Sun Damage

The addition of a high quality sun awning turns any outdoor space into a safe, shaded environment under which children can sit, play and learn without the risk of becoming sun burnt. Having undergone many tests, our range of solar shading solutions offer the maximum possible protection to youngsters skin.


Maximise Play Space

Requiring no ground supports the maximum posible use of the space is possible. In addition to this, a retractable sun awning is simple to use and will remain safe at all times when fitted with a range of wind and sun sensors that can control the awning automatically therefore providing added peace of mind to the user